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Gain Experience working in Start-Ups

The number of important thing a person needs is experience over salary, A lot of young people are preoccupied with getting a job and getting a salary that they don’t get any experience at all. Don’t get me wrong a salary is important, but knowledge and experience is more important, as it creates the means to be employable and get that salary

Whether you just to get experience so you can get to your next Job, or you want to be part of Start-Up and be part of a business both give you knowledge and experience. 

What Tyebi Does?

We are a Start-Up studio that builds businesses with young talented people in Technology sector, we believe that businesses are the blood of the economy, the more businesses we create the more opportunities we can create for young people and make a better world. 

Why you should care?

If you’re currently unemployed and want to get working experience working from home, or you want to be part of a start-up and be part of building a business then  our program will help you. 

We’re are looking for vibrant young people to build South Africa with, people who know that hard is what will take them forward, people who want to build the future and create a better future for themselves. 

Working in a start-up is worth it, both financially and career development as you work in things you want and build experience. 

This program is for individuals who want to join a start-up or get working experience, it is NOT a job and there’s no salary.